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Restoration Blueprint - Reviving lives, Restoring Destiny

We are a team of pioneering people in Somerset, England, seeking to increasingly fulfil Isaiah 60-61 through corporate encounters in the presence of God, and in our daily lives. We live and preach the Gospel of the Kingdom and offer inspirational, prophetic, loving, restoring, team ministry. God is enabling us to help bring people into His presence and to heal, equip, empower and release them into their destiny.


We are called to rebuild and restore the places (peoples’ lives initially) long devastated, to release captives, to heal the broken and to raise up a highway of holiness for King Jesus to come in power and authority.


We believe Revival is meant to be the normal Christian life and experience. We are in expectancy for world-scale more-than-Revival without end, resulting in a huge harvest of souls, preceding the return of the King. We believe for the restoration of all things (Acts 3:21).and that 'all the nations will remember and return to the Lord'.



Jesus restored us to God’s original intention – to have many glorious sons in the likeness of THE Son. He is the Head of His one Church, His Body, the fullness of Him who fills everything with Himself. The Church together is meant to be nothing less than Jesus, re-presenting Him to the world.



​This about the heart of our mission as a team  and provides an introduction to the individual members of the team

Revival Heritage


This provides details of our vision for worldwide revival in the Church and some of the books that support this


Our vision is for a world revived, restored and reconciled to God.

Members of the team have been privileged to serve in several nations and have ongoing relationships in England, Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Lanzarote, the U.S.A. and Malawi. Everything we do is based on relationship.


Contact us and let us see how we can encourage each other!

Ministry Friends


This demonstrates that we have links to various people and groups


"Thank you for the welcome you gave us in your home.

During our time of worship with you, God healed and removed all signs of eszema around Nicola's scalp.


I love who you are and what you do"

Clifford  Turner  - November 2019

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