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Restoration Blueprint News & Blog Page

As a team we will continue to post the latest news and events that have either taken place or about to happen so you can join us on our adventure of faith with the Lord.

With the impact of Covid 19 and the constraints brought in through national lockdowns, we have had to stop meeting in each others' homes to meeting online using Zoom as our main platform. If you would be interested in joining us, please contact us to obtain the latest Meeting code and password.

Upcoming Events in 2021:​​

  • 8th August - 3.00pm - Restoration Blueprint Meeting at Yatton, along with Zoom access

  • 22nd August - 3.00pm - Restoration Blueprint Meeting at Yatton, along with Zoom access

  • 12th September - Restoration Blueprint Meeting as above

  • 26th September - Restoration Blueprint Meeting as above

  • 10th October - Restoration Blueprint Meeting as above

  • 24th October - Restoration Blueprint Meeting as above

  • 13th November - Restoration Blueprint Meeting as above

  • 28th November - Restoration Blueprint Meeting as above

  • 12th December- Restoration Blueprint Meeting as above​

  • TBC - Ireland Ministry Tour

Blog: Tim Bruce
Date: Updated April 2021

Unfortunately I have to confirm that I have had to defer my charity ride on the West Coast of America for the Fuller Center for Housing, due to the pandemic and the restrictions on international travel. The Fuller Center are a Christian Housing Charity that operates around the globe; for more information on the Charity, please go to:

I am already over $2,000 towards my funding goal for a ride in 2022 but if you would be interested in sponsoring me, please go to:


Blog: Team
Date: November 2019

An inspirational, encouraging prophetic but NOW word from Ian Andrews @ Riverside churcdh Taunton. GOD is on the move, BIG TIME!!


ian andrews.jpg
Blog: A Time to be Brave!
Date: January 2021

The Lord speaking to Tim –

“Are you in this relationship with me for the fun and your enjoyment or to start and see the fulfilment of your destiny? As you know, I am driven by passion and this is reflected in John 3v16, that I so loved the world that I sent my only…… Equally, fulfilled destiny only comes with passion and my son, Jesus, the Emmanuel, displayed this passion on the cross to fulfil His destiny. The good news is that I am not asking for you to die but am asking you to sacrifice your time, your effort and your attention to the Kingdom of God.”

Romans 12:1 NIV - ‘Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship.’

”Seek my kingdom first, not just in your spare time!! (Matt 6v33) Yes, there will be great times of refreshing to help balance the times of hard work but I will be with you in all the adventure, the ups and the downs. I need you to be brave and step out of any sense of hum-drum comfort and easiness. Your level of trust does need to increase if you to see my extraordinary power at work in your life. If you feel that ………………(if this is speaking to you put your own issue) is part of this destiny, then, what are you doing now to actively see this through to fulfilment? I have to tell you that it will not just fall into your lap, you do need to pursue it with passion.”

“You must be prepared for an adventurous ride; be abundant in your financial giving; be generous with you time for others; be forthcoming with your faith; be trusting that I will hear your requests and be open to the voice of the spirit at all times. Learn to serve those I bring your way at every opportunity for by doing so you will lead and provoke them into good works.”


“For us, as in every relationship, it is a two-way process: you worship; I bless; you sacrifice, I favour; you trust, I respond; you step out, I release power. And in this relationship, the foundational principal of our all our actions is and must be LOVE!”


“Yes, the Holy Spirit is a comforter, but that is for to know in the time of great adventure and the stretching of the borders of your faith so that you know I am with you. I spend little time sitting on the couch or ‘just chilling’! So I am now asking for a time of action, and not when you can find a slot in the diary! You will need to be courageous, but as with Joshua, as you step out, I will act and in many cases, I will have already acted in advance of your act of faith and obedience.”

Joshua 1:17 NIV – ‘Be strong and very courageous. Be careful to obey all the law my servant Moses gave you; do not turn from it to the right or to the left, that you may be successful wherever you go.’

”Happy New Year!!”

Tim found this recently and it really spoke to him:

"I began to realise how important it was to be an enthusiast in life. That if you are interested in something, no matter what it is, go at it full speed ahead. Embrace it with both arms. Hug it, love it, and above all become passionate about it.  Lukewarm is no good.”

– Roald Dahl –


Blog: Patti Moys 'REST'

We are called to 'Live the life of Another, so we can do the works of Another' (- Jacob John speaking on 'REST') 

Coming up to Christmas it's important for us all to live in the rest of God, not to get caught up in the stress that can accompany preparations! As J.J. says, 'We are seated in heavenly places, not frantic in heavenly places!'

This place of rest comes from abiding, living in union and communion with the One who is our Life! The sweetest way to live! We have the Prince of Peace living within, He knows what to do in every situation and He is never caught off guard! 

Our natural default is human wisdom and human strength, but God requires of His New Covenant priests the same He required under the Old one - no sweat in the house of God! Not that He is anti-perspiration! He invites us into the same rest He entered on the 7th day after finishing Creation, He wants to teach us how to be sustained supernaturally,


He wants us to depend on Him completely! For everything!

He is asking us to give Him ALL of our life, so that we don't live by the sweat of our brow, we don't live by human wisdom, experience or strength, we don't live by self exertion, It's a completely different way of living and it is how Jesus functioned on earth. 'I only do what I see the father do, I only say what I hear the Father say'


Now that you have Christ living in you, you too can live from the Life within. You can 'begin to live the life of Another, so you can work the works of Another.' This takes practise! 

God is at rest, but His Covenants are still working, He watces over His word to perform it on our behalf. We put His words to work for us when we speak them, and the angels also go to work to perform God's word out of our mouth, Psalm 103. 

Reality check: does everything have to be under control for me to be at peace? Do I get stressed or lose my peace if something doesn't go to plan? God is not a perfectionist!

Let's learn to lean into the thermals of His outrageous Grace, so we can soar on eagles' wings and rise ever higher on the current of His Love and Life within.

Let's make that our default this Christmas and New Year, and 'strive (only!) to enter into God's REST'! 

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