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Thursday, 26 November 2015 - Healings and Prophetic words


One of the translators, Anne (wife of the leading elder, Patrick, who leads a team of senior pastors and wives, each with responsibility for village churches around Malawi led by rural local assistant pastors) asked for prayer. 13 years previously, she had been in a serious car accident, in which her right arm was severed then rejoined with metal, and two of her internal organs had been fused together. She was in constant, unrelenting  pain.

The next morning she testified that she had woken pain free after 13 years.

         Andy prophesied to her that God had heard her heart's desire and was going to use her in evangelism. She laughed and said, 'My husband and I were talking about these things exactly as you've said in our bedroom this morning!' Sounds like Elisha and the king!

One of the young pastors received a vision about his colleague doing training, from another town, far away. He 'saw' the man's 'cottage' with straw roof, path leading up to it with his wife and 2 children standing outside. This was an accurate description of the man's home and family he had never seen. God was saying that although the man is far from home, He Himself is taking care of his family. Beautiful.

The senior pastor who looks after the assistants said at the end of our time with them, 'You have set these men on fire, they will never be the same again.' Our host also said, 'They will take this fire all over Malawi.'


Testimonies from Malawi


Left: We found the man pictured above in a  remote village one year after promising him spectacles, through a seriesof miracles.

Middle: We hosted a leaders' conference in Mzuzu 

Right: This lady was set free whilst Patti prayed in tongues, not knowing she was speaking one of the native languages in Malawi

The Firestarters training really did set the young assistant pastors on fire - some of them received a powerful baptism in the Holy Spirit for the first time - one young man couldn't sleep after prayer. Andy had told him, 'You'll have an encounter with God tonight and you'll speak in tongues. He went into the church buliding to pray at 1am, felt as if he was going to vomit and was so concerned not to do that in the church, he tried in vain to hold it in - it burst out of him - and it was tongues!! He stayed there praying until 5am!

12 October 2012 - Hannah, Miracle Child!


S and R had been married some time and really wanted a baby but S had been told this was not really possible- and very unlikely without heavy intervention- IVF etc (lots of invasive procedures.)

They called out to God for a long time and all our family were praying. One day S was really at the end of what she could take. She felt desperate and both her and R were at the point where they had to choose whether to carry on trying and start IVF etc  or look at alternatives and stop the relentless pressure of trying for a baby. S came to the Restoration Blueprint church that day to pray and seek God.

Andy (not knowing S or anything of her situation) had a word for her. He told her that the Doctors had told her something but that thing wasn’t the case and that she was to hold on and have hope. S  told Andy what the thing was and Andy said that he saw S (prophetically) was going to have  children and that they would pray and she could hope.

S came out crying and full of relief, hope and God’s peace. Within 3 months she was pregnant (the Doctors were in shock!!) and baby Hannah was born on October 12th 2012. We believe she is truly from God and is going to grow up to be a strong woman of God and lead many into the kingdom. She loves people and always smiles and waves to people! We thank God every day for her. 

Thank you Andy for stepping out in such faith and giving my sister the hope she needed to carry on.
Jane xxx

S is quite private, hence the initial rather than full name. She wasn’t even having periods and hadn't for 8 yrs. They had started her on hormone treatment but still had not had a period and when she did get pregnant without IVF intervention the team of doctors actually came in the room to have a debate about how this could be possible!!! -  truly it was a miracle! “

S is the now the mother of a beautiful healthy 2nd child, a son! Glory to God!

Testimony of passing my driving test


Praise the Lord.


I struggled with my driving.  On my 15th attempt, I rang Patti, who prayed with me and made declerations of me seeing myself passing and prayed scriptures over the phone with me.  I am pleased to say that on the 15th time I was successful.  My dear friend, prayed and stormed heaven for me when I could not do it Patti prayed with me.  I took my test and Glory to God I passed on the 15th time.  Also prayers have been answered when we were being made homeless Patti and Andy from Blueprint ministries came over and prayed in our home and praise God we are in our in our same home. Praise God for answered prayers and people of God who stood with us in troubled times.


Veronica Hewins

Patti writes: Veronica was full of anxiety and weeping on the phone an hour before her 15th test. The LORD said to me, ‘Don’t pray for her! Declare the scriptures I will give you.’ He downloaded scripture after scripture, which I got Veronica to repeat after me. At first her voice was trembling and interspersed with sobs, but it grew stronger as we continued, until she SHOUTED the final scripture – ‘I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME!’  Glory to GOD!

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